Dear Members


Following advice received from Bowls Australia and Bowls Tasmania, the Board of Bowls Tasmania South has suspended all pennant competition and championships indefinitely effective immediately.


This directive is aimed at safeguarding the health of the members, participants, employees, volunteers and officials, many of whom are typically from demographics that are particularly susceptible to the effects of the virus.


From a Bowls Tasmania South point of view, this means that all Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday Pennant has ceased effective immediately with teams finishing on top of the ladder being declared Premiers. The Champion of Champions Singles Championship and Barefoot Bowls Champion of Champions events have been postponed and a decision on whether or not they will be run will be made at a later date.


While acknowledging that Bowls Tasmania South is not the controlling body of competitions and events staged locally by clubs, we feel it is prudent in the current climate that all club championships and events also be suspended indefinitely in order to limit any non-essential mass gatherings.




Premier League   AWAY  to Rodman

Lead Two Three Skip
 D Tanner L Page  J Steele  R Brokate
 M Gregg K Gore G Rowbottom  P Jenkins   (Match Manager)
S Sansom R Tyson R Geeves   J Sutcliffe
E Daniell L burden P Latham W Butler


DIV 1  HOME  to Cremorne

Lead Two Three Skip
S Hawksley S Ridgway R Button M Gangell (Duty Rink)
K Kearney  A Mullavey C Foster  S Foster
S Blair G Britcliffe B Walker  (Match Manager) A Blake
W Verth L McDougall W Miller A Wright


DIV 4  HOME to Rosny Park

Lead Two Three Skip
 G Kearney D Reeves Rex Lowe M Matthews (Duty Rink)
C Sheridan K Eaton T Bellette  C Hewlett
E Bennett P Heyward D Davidson T Clifford (Match Manager),
C Coppleman M Portwin D Long G Allen


DIV 5 AWAY  to  Huonville

Lead Two Three Skip
M Doran G Mizzen L Newell J Considine
 M Dilger S Mizzen K Butterworth (Match Manager)  N Dewart
V Gregg P Knight K Daniell D Gregg


DIV 6  HOME  to Kingborough

Lead Two Three Skip
J Mc Cormack L Moore C Osborne J Hadley
 J Brooks L Seabrook Ros Lowe T Wilton (Duty Rink)
S Calvert L Champney P Willey (Match Manager) D Lourey


DIV 7-1  AWAY  to    Claremont

Lead Two Three Skip
 G Paynter D Howard G Trenhan P Crew
N Shirvani D Ewington W Taylor D Mills
R Limb  A Fitze
N Blaikie R Clifton (Match Manager)


DIV 7-2   AWAY  to Cremorne

Lead Two Three Skip
C Whitehead (Match Manager) J Marshall W Short D Dimsey
B Basstian J Stirling R Jonston  R Johns
 K Parsons B Dodge R O’Conner  P Hadley





DIV 1   AWAY  to Claremont

Lead Two Three Skip
 C Coppleman D Long  R Tyson G Rowbottom
Rex Lowe T Wilton P Latham  P Jenkins
S Sansom E Daniell (Match Manager) K Gore   J Sutcliffe


DIV 2  HOME  to Kingborough

Lead Two Three Skip
 M Portwin T Clifford R Button J  Steele
 N Dewart  M Matthews G Britcliffe  B Walker (Match Manager)
G Kearney C Hewlett G Allen
M Gangell


DIV 3  HOME  to St Johns

Lead Two Three Skip
J  Brooks  J Hadley R Johnston D Gregg (Match Manager) (Duty Rink)
L Moore M Dilger K Butterworth  L Newell
T Walker P Heyward R Boucher W Miller


DIV 4  AWAY  to Kingborough

Lead Two Three Skip
B Basstian B Dodge W Short P Round
 D Mills A Fitze P Crew  D Lourey
D Ewington W Taylor J Marshall (Match Manager) W Verth




Tasmanian State Div 1 Champions